Solar the Pig - Magic Card

The Magic Cards activity is a fun way to engage in the process of meditative colouring.

A few benefits of Mindful Colouring are:

★ reduce anxiety and stress
★ improve sleep
★ improve focus
★ improves hand-eye coordination
★ promote creativity and self expression

Mindful Colouring

Learning to meditate and use mindfulness is often challenging for children. Instead of teaching them in theory, experiential learning is often far more effective. This activity allows the child to fully engage in the process, they can have relief from life's stressors. Encourage them to be calm and focus on their breathing. Using the sense of touch have them focus their attention on feeling the pencil in their hand, the connection with the paper, and actual process of colouring. This will help them regulate their nervous, system, develop their ability to focus, and express themselves creatively. When children are struggling with challenging emotions or events in life often they cannot put these things into words, developing an interest in creative outlets is crucial for releasing stress, tension, and built emotion. Debrief with your child after the activity, asking open ended questions and encouraging their continued creative expression.

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