Magic Cards (Colour by Number)

When completing the Colour by Number activities we recommend guiding your child in:

★ Completing the activity calmly and carefully to encourage mindfulness

★ Ensuring that the spaces are coloured completely with the appropriate shade

★ Using colours with high contrast to be easily captured by your phone’s camera 

★ Freshly sharpened coloured pencils or markers work best

★ Staying within the lines

After completing the activities on your magic cards, open the Wandering Star app and select the Magic Cards option.
After reading the instructions, click Start.
You will see a description of Augmented Reality, click Continue and your camera will open.

Be sure to have your completed Magic Card laid out in front of your camera and scan the coloured image at a 45° angle.

Ta-da! Your image should now come to life.


Still having trouble? 


Be sure to scan your image in a well lit, flat area.

If you are still having issues or need to restart and recolour the activity after a colouring mistake, you can reprint the activity by logging into your Wandering Star account.

Click here to log in.

Here you will be prompted to log in. Use the login information used to place the order.
After logging in to your account, scroll down to the bottom to Downloads

Here you can download a blank Magic Card colour by number activity or a precoloured version that you will be able to scan to have the character come to life!

If you are having trouble signing in to your account or any other issues,

please contact us and we will gladly further assist you!