Wandering Star

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“Dingdingdingdingdingdingdingding!” Soleil's alarm goes off.
She gets up with excitement to get ready for school. Excited to see her teacher.
Excited to play with her friends. A day to learn new things...
“Whaaaaaaaat?” cries Soleil in shock.

Today, there is no school!
"Look!" she says to Wags.
"Everything is closed."
"Woof!" replies Wags in surprise.

Her parents look worried too. They don't leave the house much these days either.
“I wonder what is going on with them.
I wish I could tell them that everything will be okay,” Soleil says to Wags.
Wags stares at Soleil. “Wooooof?!” he asks.

“Yes I know Wags... I am the kid here and they are the parents...
but I do feel like everything will be okay.
It always is, as long as we have each other".

Learning from home is different – on the couch, side by side with Wags.
Soleil misses her friends and teacher.
At least she can see them online.
“Come and say hi to my friends, Wags!” says Soleil.
“Woooooof... Wooof!!” Wags greets the class on the screen.

After class is finished, Soleil and Wags love to draw and colour.
“Tonight, we are going to draw a magical star!” says Soleil to Wags.
“Woof...” yelps Wags with excitement.
“This star is going to help all the other kids in the world. It is going to bring them
hope, calm, and fun. You know they all deserve it.
It has been a looooong year,” Soleil continues.
Wags agrees. “Woof...”
The window opens thunderously! Wind blows through the window. The curtains dance and sway.
A bright blinding light flashes across the room...

The star is alive!
Out of the book! Swooping through the room, side to side!
Wind is swirling! Papers are flying!
Wags barks wildly at the star from the corner of the room.
“Watch out Wags!”, screams Soleil.

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