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An interactive book for kids aged 6-9 that inspires hope, mindfulness, resilience, imagination, and more.

Designed in collaboration with counselors, child psychologists, parents, and education experts in Canada.

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The Wandering Star book and app were designed in collaboration with clinical counselors and education experts.

In partnership with our advisors, the book was written and designed to encourage mental well-bing qualities like mindfulness, hopefulness, resilience, and self-esteem. It includes Magic Cards activities based on characters in the book that help promote a sense of calm.

Most apps that children use today are designed like slot machines. They’re highly addictive and keep kids wanting more, with no end. The videos are on autoplay and the scrolls never end.

Our app is designed with a beginning and an end. Using Augmented Reality, your phone’s camera will bring the characters of the book to life in the physical world, while guiding you and your kid through activities that promote mental well-being. Activities such as the Sleepy Breathing activity which uses a magical hot air balloon to teach kids deep belly breathing to calm down and fall asleep.

Upon purchase of the book, you’ll be emailed a unique code to get 6 months free of the Wandering Star Premium subscription (normally $83/yr).

Ships within North America. International shipping coming soon. Normally arrives in 2 weeks, depending on your location.

The book is printed & shipped from different warehouses. Based on where you are located, the closest available warehouse will ship your order.

After purchase you’ll be emailed updates on when it’s been shipped and when it’s expected to arrive.

For a printable to see how Wandering Star uses Augmented Reality (AR) and to try out Magic Cards, download a free Magic Card here

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