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Our mission

To inspire hope, preserve the magic of childhood, and teach future generations how to have healthy boundaries with technology

The Wandering Star book and app was initially created to inspire hope in children. Since then it's evolved into a mission to support mental well-being and teach healthy boundaries with technology.

After working with child psychologists and counselors, we've discovered that children are facing a unique set of challenges in 2022. These include low levels of self-esteem, high levels of anxiety, misreading of social queues and addictions to TV, video games and social media.

Wandering Star is our way of fighting that.

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Special thanks to our contributors

Shyam Nathwani - Operations

Léah Michaud - Illustration Artist

Joanna Lee - Art Director

Josella Tan - Voice Over Artist (Soleil)

Cimarron Ballantyne - Privacy Lead

About The Team

Hossein Maleki - Author & Founder

Growing up as a lucky child in a middle-class family in Iran, I had a great childhood, surrounded with family and friends. When we moved to Canada in my early 20s, due to a set of unforeseen events, we began to have great financial hardships that forced me to drop out of university and work full-time to support my family. During these hard times, I felt helpless most days. I wish I had someone to tell me everything will be okay - that we would figure it out.

At the beginning of the pandemic, seeing how it affected parents around me, I felt that many people in the world have the same feeling of hopelessness. That is why my team and I at Satel Creative set out to create something to help with that. Our mission from day one has been to inspire hope in parents and children. And if we get to help just one parent feel more hopeful, this whole project is worth it. If we can help even one child feel more hopeful and calmer, all the endless days working on this, is worth it.

Children, with enabled imaginations, with close connection to their parents, are our best chance for a better, happier world. I hope the magic of Wandering Star helps with that, even in its own small way.