Wandering Star App

With interactive mindful meditations and activities the Wandering Star app will help your child develop a growth mindset fostering more confidence and resilience. Our app is filled with tools and techniques to help your child build healthier habits they can use throughout their lives.

  • Mental Well-being

    Created with a team of mental health, education and IT professionals, this app is designed to support parents in developing healthy habits in young children that will support their mental and emotional wellness well into the future.

  • Augmented Reality

    In this unique approach to mental well-being, the app provides tools, techniques and strategies for building healthy habits using a bit of magic, and cutting edge augmented reality (AR) technology. Characters come to life on your device in your own living room and you can move them around as you engage in the activities. 

  • Healthy Children, Supported Parents

    We believe that through the carefully crafted activities on the app, children will enjoy mental wellness throughout their lives. The app and our other Wandering Star resources support parents to strengthen communication and connection between parent and child.